Macroalgae typically include sea vegetation such as seaweed, kelp and hijiki. 

So what kind of benefit does macroalgae bring to your skin?

Algae is loaded with minerals essential for cell rejuvenation needed for healthier looking skin.

Minerals play an important role in this process. Macroalgae replenishes essential minerals needed for proper functioning, support, and balance of the skin.

Macroalgae is high in essential amino acids, proteins, and minerals. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, which are essential in improving the skin’s barrier function, providing deep hydration, increasing moisture retention, promoting cell renewal, and protecting the skin from free radicals. Moisturizing helps keep a lasting hydrated and glowing skin.

Macroalgae protect themselves from the harsh ocean environment by creating polysaccharides which have a protective effect on the skin - from calming and soothing to promoting cell renewal.

Effective exfoliation can be achieved without irritation with the protective and renewal capabilities of the macroalgae. Algae extract not only provides moisture and elasticity but also effectively assists with exfoliation.