Raspberry Ketone berries ripen during the summer season. Ripe berries drop from the stem easily.

It is grown in Europe and North America, has many varieties, and is cultivated to be eaten.

Rubus idaeus var. Vulgatus is cultivated in Europe and R. i var. Strigosus and R. i var. Occidentalis in the United States.

The raspberries are categorized into three groups according to the berry color, red raspberry, black raspberry and purple raspberry. There is even one that turns yellowish white when ripe. The red raspberry is most commonly grown.

The raspberries that are grown in South Korea are the same variety as the raspberries grown in Europe. The raspberry can be eaten raw, prepared as a jam or used in making liquor.

The raspberry ketone is known to promote weight loss.  It is also rich in dietary fiber and is known to help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. When applied topically, raspberry ketone combats the signs of aging. It improves skin elasticity and tightens the skin.