Saccharide Isomerate is 100% natural and plant-derived. It is an effective moisturizer with a composition very similar to the natural carbohydrate complex naturally found in the stratum corneum of human skin. It provides instant deep hydration that is lasting.

How does it help troubled skin?

Skin that lacks hydration and moisture will accelerate aging - increasing fine lines and sagging, which causes an overall unhealthy unbalanced skin. Saccharide Isomerate is a water-binding agent and emollient derived from wheat which provides long lasting moisture to the skin even at low humidity. It is known as a “water holding magnet”. It binds to the free amino groups in the keratin of the stratum corneum when absorbed into the skin and cannot be washed off easily. Saccharide Isomerate will provide long lasting moisture and improve the functional protective barrier for your skin.

Saccharide Isomerate also has the ability to smooth and soften the skin. It strengthens the function of the skin barrier and creates a protective barrier to help maintain balanced, healthy skin. It is suitable for all skin types ranging from sensitive skin, environmentally stressed skin, to acne prone skin.

It may be a difficult name to remember, but it does wonders for the skin.