Growing in the nutrient rich ocean waters, abundant in vitamins, peptides, amino acids, omega-3 and antioxidants, macro-algae like Caulerpa Lentillifera, aka sea grapes or green caviar, are vital for healthy skin. 

Sea grapes are delicate transparent green round bubble clusters, sometimes called the jewel of the sea, which hold a small amount of liquid that taste like the ocean.

How are Sea Grapes beneficial for the skin?

‘Fucoidan’ is a compound found in Sea Grapes.

Among the many different types of seaweed, sea grapes are especially rich in fucoidan. Growing in the harsh environment of strong water currents and the exposure of the atmosphere at low tide, can cause damage to the outer layers of the delicate sea grapes.  The compound found in sea grapes, fucoidan, promotes the healing function and proliferation of fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells produce collagen and play a critical role in wound healing. Fucoidan is a vital protective compound for sea grapes.

Sea grapes with fucoidan provides multiple benefits for the skin. It promotes skin renewal and collagen production, strengthens the skin barrier while providing protection from the environment, retains more moisture, and brightens the skin.

The ocean's green caviar. 

Packed with oceans nutrients, these little gems are full of humectants to draw in moisture while creating a protective barrier for moisture retention and keeping out pollutants.  Amino acids will help plump up the skin smoothening out fine lines and giving the skin a bounce. Having at least 3 times higher levels of minerals than most seaweeds, vitamins A, B, C, E, iodine and having protective capabilities, the skin will look healthier, clearer, smoother, and brighter.

Alginic acids occur naturally in sea grapes, strengthening the lipid barrier and keeping it hydrated and elastic. These acids strengthen the skin while attracting and locking in moisture, giving the skin a plumping effect, smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles.  Detoxifying and cleansing properties of alginic acid also helps keep the skin clean and clear.

With the wealth of marine nutrients, fatty acids and special compounds like fucoidan, iodine, and alginic acid, the sea grape extract is a special ingredient that is vital for more radiant, healthier, and clearer skin.