Wound Treating Tea Tree

Since tea trees usually grow in swamps by the coast, it is said that tea trees have very strong characteristics for survival.

The tea tree is known for its powerful antimicrobial and wound healing properties, which is one of the main reasons Australian Aborigines used them for treatment of wound infections. Not only that, the Aborigines would crush tea tree leaves to extract the essence, to inhale as a treatment for cough, cold, and headaches.

Even long ago, tea trees were renown for anti-bacterial, pain relieving, calming properties.


Tea tree is also good for removing odors. Its oil has a deodorant effect, which is said to remove odors and has a sterilization effect when used. Just apply some tea tree oil on some cloth and apply to skin to sterilize your skin.

Tea tree is now also used to treat acne and rashes, as the Aboriginal people had once used it for medicine. The tea tree has excellent antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal effects. It is said that the antibacterial ingredient is 80 times as much as the disinfectant, and it removes bad bacteria on the skin even in small amounts.